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A Room With No View
Season 05, Episode 23
Air Date April 13, 1989
Writer Gary Kott
John Markus
Director Tony Singletary
Previous Birthday Blues
Next What He Did for Love

A Room With No View is the twenty-third episode of The Cosby Show's fifth season which was first broadcast on April 13, 1989.


Cliff's enjoyment of the warm spring air and the music of birds chirping is interrupted by the sounds of Vanessa and Rudy's non-stop bickering. Moments later, the slamming of bedroom doors upstairs cause a partial ceiling collapse on top of Cliff's head. He questions the two why they're not happy with their stay at "Hotel Huxtable", and demands they clean up the mess, which leads to more bickering between the two daughters. Cliff tries to reason with Vanessa, that, as the older one, she shouldn't be so quick to jump to Rudy's provocations, as Vanessa had constantly provoked Theo in the past. Despite Vanessa's attempt to ignore Rudy provoking her, it eventually becomes too much, and the two sisters are at it again. At this point, Cliff decides that it's time for hospitality at 'Hotel Huxtable' to end. He banishes Vanessa and Rudy from their cozy bedrooms and unrelentingly relocates them to the cold dark basement.

Meanwhile, he and Clair assess the damages to their bedrooms caused by 'World War 5'. During this time, Vanessa and Rudy are allowed to come upstairs to receive meals (which are served prison style, and consist of an unappetizing menu of creamed beef on bread, chili, and canned juice), to use the bathroom or wash up (which are monitored to ensure the girls don't try to escape to their rooms), and, if they behave well, watch television with their parents (but any bickering will get the two sent right back to the basement). Otherwise, they are destined to remain in each other's company in the basement until they learn to get along... or get their own apartment!

Eventually, after some taunting from Theo, the two sisters bond over learning French, and Cliff and Clair release them back to their bedrooms. They then opt to use the basement-turned-bedroom as their own romantic hideaway.