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And So We Commence: Part 1
Season 08, Episode 24
This is It
Air Date April 30, 1992
Writer Courtney Flavin
Gordon Gartrelle
Janet Leahy
Hugh O'Neill
Director Jay Sandrich
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And So We Commence: Part 1 is the twenty-fourth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on April 30, 1992.


The family prepares for Theo's college graduation. Although each graduate is only allowed two tickets, Theo manages to get a hold of ten more tickets.

Cliff continues to invite more people, invoking memories of the disaster at Sondra's Princeton graduation, which found him inviting an extra 23 people and setting them up with lawn chairs on the roof of the motel.

Vanessa brings Dabnis to the graduation, but they claim that they are only friends.

Olivia prepares to move to Singapore to live with Denise & Martin, and Theo will be accompanying her on the trip as his graduation present.

Clair tries to ease Theo's worries about Cliff's behavior, saying that it is impossible for Cliff to hold back his enthusiasm because they are both so proud to see their son become a college graduate.