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And So We Commence: Part 2
Season 08, Episode 25
It is over
Air Date April 30, 1992
Writer Courtney Flavin
Gordon Gartrelle
Janet Leahy
Hugh O'Neill
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous And So We Commence: Part 1
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And So We Commence: Part 2 is the twenty-fifth and final episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on April 30, 1992.


As Theo's graduation ceremony begins, Cliff contemplates on the time he feared that Theo would never live up to his potential. He is also upset to learn that the students graduate by section, rather than being called to the stage by name.

Kenny manages to get a hold of the last three tickets that the Huxtables need to get all their guests to the graduation.

Vanessa confuses everyone by calling Dabnis "honey." Denise calls the family and announces that she is pregnant.

Later that night, with everyone out of the house, Cliff and Clair share a dance with each other. (This episode was immediately followed by a three-minute "thank you" tribute from NBC).