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Bald and Beautiful
Season 03, Episode 23
Air Date April 9, 1987
Writer Gary Kott
Director Tony Singletary
Previous The Andalusian Flu
Next Planning Parenthood

Bald and Beautiful is the twenty-third episode of The Cosby Show's third season which was first broadcast on April 9, 1987.


Cliff and Clair look forward to a visit from their old friends, Scott and Jill Kelly (Robert Culp and Ann Reinking). Clair knows how foolish Cliff and Scott act when they are together, though, and gives Cliff a warning. The two pranksters must promise to behave themselves and act like grown men – not silly boys – when the foursome dine at a fancy restaurant. Also, Theo and Cockroach contemplate shaving their heads so they can appear in a new hot music video.