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Bird in the Hand
Season 07, Episode 02
Air Date September 27, 1990
Writer Steve Kline
Bryan Winter
Director Jay Sandrich
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Next Last Barbecue

Bird in the Hand is the second episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on September 27, 1990.


Cliff plans to attend an auction where he hopes to outbid his nemesis, Dr. Harmon, to add a rare Charlie Parker record to his jazz collection. Instead, he gets roped into helping out at Olivia's preschool so Denise can focus on her school work.

While at Olivia's school, Cliff calls the auction house and arranges to place bids over the phone where he beats out Dr. Harmon, and is on the verge of winning the recording when a late arrival enters the bidding.

In the end, Clair wins the record for Cliff for $450.