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Clair's Place
Season 08, Episode 12
Air Date December 19, 1991
Writer Adriana Trigiani
Director John Bowab
Previous Two Is a Crowd
Next Theo's Future

Clair's Place is the twelfth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on December 19, 1991.


Cliff surprises Clair by finishing her room earlier than expected, but it doesn't have any furniture in it. Despite that, Clair decides to spend the whole day in the room which concerns the kids.

Pam, Rudy and Olivia initially claim that they need Clair's help to make Christmas cookies, but finally admit that they just have more fun baking with Clair.

Meanwhile, Cliff leaves Theo bewildered by trying to pass on the "tradition" of putting up the Christmas lights.