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Cliff's Birthday
Season 01, Episode 24
Air Date May 9, 1985
Writer Elliot Shoenman
John Markus
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous Mr. Quiet
Next First Day of School

Cliff's Birthday is the twenty-fourth and final episode of The Cosby Show's first season which was first broadcast on May 9, 1985.


While Cliff snoops around trying to discover his special birthday surprise, Clair, goes to some lengths to fool him. She has the kids pretend to work together in the kitchen to prepare a birthday dinner of Beef Wellington and crouton salad, when Cliff walks by the kitchen to make Cliff believe this is the surprise. However, when he sits down to dinner, and they have pizza instead, he childishly rejects it, thinking the Beef Wellington is still on the menu.

In actuality, Clair has arranged for the Huxtable family to see legendary performer Lena Horne. Cliff is beside himself when Lena Horne dedicates a song to him and invites the family to her dressing room after the show.