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Cliff Gets Jilted
Season 08, Episode 18
Air Date February 6, 1992
Writer Hugh O'Neill
Director Chuck Vinson
Previous The Getaway
Next Cliff and Theo Come Clean

Cliff Gets Jilted is the eighteenth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on February 6, 1992.


As Sondra and Elvin prepare for their housewarming party, they experience problems with the furnace and decide to move the party to the Huxtable house, much to Cliff's chagrin.

Russell tells Cliff & Clair he heard a rumor that Vanessa and Dabnis have set a wedding date which excites Cliff, but it's revealed that Vanessa isn't getting married anymore because she's not ready to do so.

Although Cliff is saddened about the end of Vanessa's engagement, he is able to get Dabnis to fix Sondra & Elvin's furnace.