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Cliff and Theo Come Clean
Season 08, Episode 19
Air Date February 13, 1992
Writer Adriana Trigiani
Director John Bowab
Previous Cliff Gets Jilted
Next Clair's Reunion

Cliff and Theo Come Clean is the nineteenth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on February 13, 1992.


As a school project, Olivia and her friend, Marlon plan to write about what Cliff was like at their age, but later realize that his colorful stories are all lies, so they call on Russell to tell them the truth about Cliff's childhood.

Meanwhile, Theo decides to turn down his job offer in San Francisco to attend graduate school and helps out the students at the community center thrash out the moral and ethical dilemma presented by their discovery of a monogrammed money clip containing $600 in cash.