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Dance Mania
Season 04, Episode 11
Air Date December 3, 1987
Writer Matt Williams
Director Tony Singletary
Previous Where's Rudy?
Next The Locker Room

Dance Mania is the eleventh episode of The Cosby Show's fourth season which was first broadcast on December 3, 1987.


When Clair gives Theo a pair of tickets to the taping of a television dance show, he invites Cockroach to go with him. However many others, also with tickets, attend the taping, and the stage manager only allows three into the studio, and sends the rest away, because of fire code precautions. Theo and Cockroach protest, and the stage manager relents, but only for one of them, leaving the two to make a difficult decision as to whom will be on TV, and whom will have to sit it out. Cockroach says Theo should go on, as he had the tickets, but Theo (thinking Cockroach will still insist) allows Cockroach to go on, and Cockroach accepts, much to Theo's dismay.

It gets worse for Theo at school when Cockroach gets all the attention for being on the show, while Theo is left out. At home, he's angrily venting to his parents and siblings when they wish to watch Dance Mania, until Clair tells Theo, he should've been straightforward with Cockroach, and just gone on himself, if that's what he had truly wanted.

Meanwhile, confronted with the realization that he is the only Huxtable who does not know "new math," Cliff agrees to take lessons from Vanessa.

Last episode of Walter Cockroach Bradley.