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Denise Drives
Season 02, Episode 08
Air Date November 14, 1985
Writer Carmen Finestra
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous Rudy Suits Up
Next Clair's Sister

Denise Drives is the eighth episode of The Cosby Show's second season which was first broadcast on November 14, 1985.


After she gets her driver's license, Denise is determined to spend her savings of $1,600 on the first car she sees, selling for that price, but Cliff and Clair won't allow Denise to make such a hasty transaction, unless they're sure it'll be worthwhile, as money for gas, repairs and insurance will also be an issue. Denise balks about it, insisting Cliff will disapprove of the car, for even the smallest of issues, but Clair puts Denise in her place, reminding her that she and Cliff are basically Denise's safety net, and she'd better not forget it, or else she can use her savings to discover America, the free country!

Cliff goes with Denise to inspect the car in question, but ultimately determines the car all show and no go, and declares that Denise can do better. Mr. Lucas, offers to sell Denise his aunt's old car, which is attractive, and still in top shape. While Denise is willing to pay anything for it, Cliff insists he handle the pricing negotiations. With his wheeling dealing skills, Cliff successfully negotiates for Denise to pay $850 for the car. Afterwards, he and Clair give Denise a final oral test about their personal driving rules, and Denise passes.

Also, Cliff informs a middle-aged couple that they are going to have a baby, which comes as a shock to them, as they already have a 5-year-old grandson! Also Theo pleads with his parents to get him a motorcycle, going as far as to suck up to them every chance possible, but it's all for nothing.