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First Day of School
Season 02, Episode 01
Air Date September 26, 1985
Writer John Markus
Elliot Shoenman
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous Cliff's Birthday
Next The Juicer

First Day of School is the first episode of The Cosby Show's second season which was first broadcast on September 26, 1985.


An ecstatic Cliff and Clair are the only happy Huxtables when summer vacation ends and school bells ring for the kids. High school senior Denise looks forward to a revitalized social life without her braces. Boys and make-up are the major concerns for Vanessa, who is anxiously awaiting her first day of junior high. Theo contemplates a year of agony when he gets the most difficult math teacher in the school. And Rudy does not want to return to school after she is teased by a bully in her first-grade class.