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Getting the Story
Season 07, Episode 06
Air Date October 25, 1990
Writer Lore Kimbrough (teleplay)
Janet Leahy (teleplay)
Mark St. Germain (story)
Director Ellen Falcon
Previous It's All in the Game
Next Just Thinking About It: Part 1

Getting the Story is the sixth episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on October 25, 1990.


Rudy and Kenny document Clair's job for a school video contest because Cliff's job is not "exciting enough." Their dreams of glory quickly fade as Clair's workday fails to deliver the hardened criminals, lurid details and sensational cases the young filmmakers anticipate. In desperation, they turn to Cliff. At the hospital, they con an expectant father into taping his son's birth and make plans to pass the footage off as their own. When Cliff intervenes, all seems lost. But the resourceful reporters realize they can pull victory from the jaws of defeat by simply documenting the truth.