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Getting to Know You
Season 06, Episode 12
Air Date December 14, 1989
Writer Carmen Finestra
Gary Kott
John Markus
Director Tony Singletary
Previous Cliff la Douce
Next Elvin Pays for Dinner

Getting to Know You is the twelfth episode of The Cosby Show's sixth season which was first broadcast on December 14, 1989.


Martin and Cliff spend some time together and develop a new, warm appreciation for each other. When Cliff confesses his secret regret about not having given Denise away at her wedding, Martin stages an informal ceremony in the Huxtable living room, so Cliff can see his wish come true. Elsewhere, Elvin slowly warms up to his elf's makeup and costume for a Christmas show at the hospital. And Denise tries to explain what Santa Claus looks like to a suspicious and highly skeptical Olivia, who counters with "If Santa Claus has a little bit of everyone inside him, is that why he's so fat?"