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It's Apparent to Everyone
Season 08, Episode 06
Air Date October 24, 1991
Writer Hugh O'Neill
Director Neema Barnette
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It's Apparent to Everyone is the sixth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on October 24, 1991.


Sondra & Elvin are getting on Cliff and Clair's nerves by allowing Winnie & Nelson to cause havoc in the house. When they try to object, Sondra & Elvin use the twins to lay a guilt trip on them.

When Cliff temporarily confines the twins in an overturned playpen to keep them out of trouble while he cleans up their messes, Sondra is not pleased.

Sondra and Elvin reveal that they will not be able to move into their new house for 60 days. Cliff hopes that his parents will take the Thibodeaux family in to their own house, but Russell refuses to go for it.