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It's Your Move
Season 07, Episode 13
Air Date December 13, 1990
Writer Steve Kline
Bryan Winter
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous Clair's Liberation
Next Theo's Final Final

It's Your Move is the thirteenth episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on December 13, 1990.


Bring on the hoagies, orange sodas and potato chips – it is playoff time. But Sondra upsets Elvin's football watching plans by promising their help in moving two friends to a new apartment. Afraid he will miss the entire game, Elvin enlists the aid of "his brothers" Theo and Martin to hurry things along. In the day's most exciting match-up, Sondra and Nancy defend against the moving team's sneaky maneuvers and sloppy execution. In other football news, Clair demonstrates some impressive baton-twirling moves, while Olivia sticks to her original plan to become "Dr. Crusher, Middle Linebacker."