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It Ain't Easy Being Green
Season 04, Episode 03
Air Date October 8, 1987
Writer John Markus
Carmen Finestra
Director Carl Lauten
Regge Life
Previous Theogate
Next Cliff's Mistake

It Ain't Easy Being Green is the third episode of The Cosby Show's fourth season which was first broadcast on October 8, 1987.


Rudy wants to wear her purple summer dress to a friend’s birthday party, but because it is fall and the party will be outdoors, it is too cold for her to wear that dress out to the party. She keeps being told by Clair to put that dress in a trunk with her other summer clothes. This, however, leads to an argument between the mother and the youngest child until Clair warns Rudy that she will not go to the party if she continues to argue with her.

Later, while Clair is out of the house, Rudy shows herself in her summer dress to Cliff and tricks him into insisting her to wear it to her friend’s birthday party. She gets caught, though, by Clair, who has just come home and is madder at her than before. At her mother’s demand, Rudy goes up to her bedroom and changes out of her summer dress. She is also upset that her two older siblings, Vanessa and Theo, get to pick out their own clothes, but she doesn’t, as she is not old enough to be allowed to do so. So, she mopes in her bedroom while the song “It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green” sung by Ray Charles plays in the background. She finally puts her summer dress in the trunk and apologizes to Cliff for what she has done. Cliff has an idea for a fall outfit for Rudy to wear to the party that will make Clair happy; it is a dinosaur sweater, skirt, stockings, and moccasin loafers. When Clair sees this outfit, she approves of it, and she takes Rudy to the party, with Rudy apologizing to her mother for what she has done, but claiming that she still looks better in her summer dress.

Meanwhile, Cliff tries to get the Sanitation Department to pick up his old water heater, putting a bow around it and including a poem to show how much he appreciates what the workers in that department do. Also, Vanessa's friend, Robert, talks to Cliff and Theo about his love life, and goes with Vanessa to the mall to meet a new girl; he and the girl, Joyce Barnett, immediately hit it off, but she immediately breaks up with him when he asks her out to the senior prom.