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Just Thinking About It: Part 1
Season 07, Episode 07
Air Date November 1, 1990
Writer Bernie Kukoff
Ehrich Van Lowe
Director Jay Sandrich
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Next Just Thinking About It: Part 2

Just Thinking About It: Part 1 is the seventh episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on November 1, 1990.


Pam's boyfriend Slide wants to take their relationship to "the next level" but Pam has reservations. Cliff and Clair's advice strengthens Pam's resolve to take things at her own speed. But caught between his "homeys" and his hormones, Slide keeps pressing until Pam explodes in indignation. Still, she does not want to lose him to another girl. Meanwhile, Olivia introduces the family to Dwayne, an invisible Saint Bernard who becomes a most convenient scapegoat for all of Olivia's naughty escapades.