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Just Thinking About It: Part 2
Season 07, Episode 08
Air Date November 1, 1990
Writer Bernie Kukoff
Ehrich Van Lowe
Director Jay Sandrich
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Just Thinking About It: Part 2 is the eighth episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on November 1, 1990.


Pam thinks she may be in love. And Slide's invitation of them to "get busy" is looking more and more acceptable. Clair tells Pam about an over-eager young suitor named Cliff who learned to respect teenage Clair's decision about the time and the place for intimacy. The little story gently reminds Pam that "if the man is good, he will wait." On the invisible dog front, the havoc wrought by Dwayne the Saint Bernard can no longer be overlooked. In fact, Cliff tells Olivia, Dwayne is now blaming Olivia for the mess!