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Live and Learn
Season 06, Episode 26
Air Date April 26, 1990
Writer Matt Robinson
Director Tony Singletary
Previous The Moves
Next The Storyteller

Live and Learn is the twenty-sixth episode of The Cosby Show's sixth season which was first broadcast on April 26, 1990.


When Denise applies to Medgar Evers College, she learns that the school will only accept transfer credit for one of the courses that she took at Hillman (which is archery) because it's the only class where she received at least a "C".

As she picks up Olivia from preschool, she becomes so impressed by his unique teaching methods of Olivia's teacher, Uncle Wilton and decides that she doesn't need to go to college to become a teacher despite her parents & teacher friend, Rebecca saying otherwise.

When Denise asks Uncle Wilton if she can be his assistant, he turns her down because she doesn't have a college degree. Denise again questions why she needs one to teach his fun way, and Rebecca has Denise play school with her, with Denise as the teacher, and Rebecca as a difficult student, to prove their point. In the end, Denise surprises her parents by enrolling in college after all.