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Mrs. Huxtable Goes to Kindergarten
Season 05, Episode 14
Air Date January 26, 1989
Writer Carmen Finestra
Gary Kott
John Markus
Director Carl Lauten
Chuck Vinson
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Mrs. Huxtable Goes to Kindergarten is the fourteenth episode of The Cosby Show's fifth season which was first broadcast on January 26, 1989.


Clair's television career gets off to a rousing start when she is invited to be a guest panelist on a Sunday morning current events talk show. She is a big hit with the producers, but cannot stand the three insufferable chauvinists on a panel with her. Meanwhile, poor Cliff is suffering prewithdrawal pains; Clair has purchased a beautiful new sofa for the living room and his favorite old sofa and chair are to be banished from the house. In a moving finale, Cliff bids a sentimental farewell to his "old friends."