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Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue
Season 07, Episode 22
Air Date March 21, 1991
Writer Lore Kimbrough
Steve Kline
Director Carl Lauten
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
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Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue is the twenty-second episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on March 21, 1991.


A special dream episode is a nightmare for Rudy, who cannot escape the evil plots of Olivia no matter which way she tosses and turns. As a "Supreme-ly" hip Greek chorus (Pam, Charmaine and Vanessa) comments on the action, Olivia demonstrates her uncanny ability to wrap the Huxtables around her little finger, undermine Rudy at every turn, and get anything she wants from adults with her shameless whining. In a typical episode Olivia tries to paint the walls like Sesame Street until Rudy comes back from her violin lessons at school. Moreover, whereas Rudy cannot do anything right, Olivia can do no wrong. And Rudy seems to be the only person in the dream who can see through Olivia's blatant manipulations. But in the end, Rudy turns the tables on Olivia by taking control of her dream and giving her a taste of her own medicine.