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Not Everybody Loves the Blues
Season 06, Episode 17
Air Date February 1, 1990
Writer Mark St. Germain
Director Chuck Vinson
Previous The Birthday Party
Next Rudy's Walk on the Wild Side

Not Everybody Loves the Blues is the seventeenth episode of The Cosby Show's sixth season which was first broadcast on February 1, 1990.


Elvin and Theo catch blues great Riley Jackson (B.B. King) at a local club and Theo is blown away by his singing. Coincidentally, the next day, Jackson is at the Huxtable house when Theo drops by to rave about his "discovery" of this great singer. It seems that Jackson is an old friend of Grandpa Russell's and he has invited the whole Huxtable family to hear him play that night. Everyone but the jaded, world-weary Vanessa (who has grown sick and tired of the blues) is excited about the concert. But with the first few notes of "Baby, You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now," Vanessa's on her feet, begging for more!