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Olivia Comes Out of the Closet
Season 08, Episode 10
Air Date November 21, 1991
Writer Kathleen McGhee-Anderson
Director John Bowab
Previous For Men Only
Next Two Is a Crowd

Olivia Comes Out of the Closet is the tenth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on November 21, 1991.


Olivia enjoys a nice visit from her father, Martin, but is saddened when she learns that she won't see him again for three months. Olivia decides to hide in the living room closet to keep Martin from leaving.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Huxtable family prepares to welcome legendary African singer Miriam Makeba to their home, but their guest is ignored when everyone searches for Olivia.

In the end, Miriam is able to convince Olivia to come out of the closet.