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Pam Applies to College
Season 08, Episode 04
Air Date October 10, 1991
Writer Walter Allen Bennett, Jr.
Director John Bowab
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Pam Applies to College is the fourth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on October 10, 1991.


Pam wants to attend the same college as Charmaine and decides to apply to the same schools: Hillman, Bowling Green & the University of Pennsylvania.

Charmaine doubts that Pam can meet the rigorous academic standards of these schools, but doesn't want to burst her bubble. The guidance counselor informs Pam that she has virtually no chance for admission, as her grades for all (but one semester) are terrible.

Despite that, Pam vows to find a way to get in and takes the applications anyway. However, she quickly begins to doubt herself.

Pam tells Charmaine that she will probably move to California after graduation to live with her mother & grandmother and study fashion design. Pam & Charmaine lament their impending separation, but vow that they will always remain friends.

Meanwhile, Cliff continues to interfere with working on the new kitchen. He tries to blame the children for a hole in the wall, but no one believes him.