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Period of Adjustment
Season 07, Episode 04
Air Date October 11, 1990
Writer Gordon Gartrelle
Lore Kimbrough
Director Ellen Falcon
Previous Last Barbecue
Next It's All in the Game

Period of Adjustment is the fourth episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on October 11, 1990.


Clair's teenage cousin Pam Tucker moves into the Huxtable home, triggering a period of adjustment for all concerned. Although she appreciates the upscale surroundings, Cliff and Clair's rules cramp her style. Weeknight parties are out, and Pam is already said yes to an invitation from her boyfriend Slide. She is sorely tempted to defy the Huxtables' curfew, willing to let the punishment fit the crime. But while testing the waters, she begins to appreciate the value of the curfew and the wisdom of its enforcers.