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Rudy's All-Nighter
Season 05, Episode 03
Air Date October 20, 1988
Writer Janet Leahy
Director Tony Singletary
Previous The Physical
Next Move It

Rudy's All-Nighter is the third episode of The Cosby Show's fifth season which was first broadcast on October 20, 1988.


Rudy invited her friend, Carolyn, to sleep over, with Clair giving her permission but telling her that it would be the last sleepover for two months, as she already had a string of friends sleep over as of late. Cliff wasn’t looking forward to this, though, as he was always expected to be funny for Rudy’s friends when she brought them over.

When Carolyn came over, she and Rudy annoyed Cliff, Clair, and Theo with the way they behaved that night. Things went bad for the girls, though, when they got into an argument over Rudy cheating on a game called “flashlight wars”, which made Carolyn so mad that she woke Cliff up and demanded that she wanted to go home. But while Cliff got ready to take Carolyn home, she changed her mind when Rudy apologized to her.

Meanwhile, Theo showed Cliff that he got a “D” on his English composition paper in college for using fancy words he didn’t understand to impress his professor. He spent the night rewriting his paper, keeping it simple, as advised by Carolyn, whose father was a newspaper editor, and got a better grade as a result.