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Rudy's Walk on the Wild Side
Season 06, Episode 18
Air Date February 8, 1990
Writer Lore Kimbrough
Ehrich Van Lowe
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous Not Everybody Loves the Blues
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Rudy's Walk on the Wild Side is the eighteenth episode of The Cosby Show's sixth season which was first broadcast on February 8, 1990.


Eagerness to purchase a T-shirt that lights up overshadows better judgment when Rudy "borrows" $2.30 from the money Clair's left on the counter to pay the dry cleaning bill. Rudy's attempts to replace the money before Clair finds it missing lead her further into misery and duplicity. Cliff finally adds it all up and pulls Rudy aside for a heart-to-heart talk. It yields some truths for both of them. Rudy realizes that she was wrong and must confess to Clair. And Cliff learns why Rudy was afraid to ask him for the money (she was afraid she would be subjected to his litany about the salary of coal miners in 1919)!