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Same Time Next Year
Season 07, Episode 01
Air Date September 20, 1990
Writer Ehrich Van Lowe
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous The Storyteller
Next Bird in the Hand

Same Time Next Year is the first episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on September 20, 1990.


On Rudy's first day of sixth grade, she refuses to leave the house because she is upset that she hasn't developed breasts yet.

Vanessa (who took summer school courses and graduated high school a year early) leaves home for Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.

Denise begins her first semester at Medgar Evers while Olivia begins her first day of preschool.

Cliff and Clair's peaceful afternoon is shattered when a weary Theo returns from his whirlwind, 17-day European tour to literally kiss their living room floor.