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Surf's Up
Season 06, Episode 02
Air Date September 28, 1989
Writer Carmen Finestra
Gary Kott
John Markus
Director Tony Singletary
Previous Denise: The Saga Continues
Next I'm "In" With the "In" Crowd

Surf's Up is the second episode of The Cosby Show's sixth season which was first broadcast on September 28, 1989.


Cliff's story about how he and his roommates cleaned their floors in college inspires Theo and his friends to strap soapy sponges to their butts and slide across the kitchen floor, but it ends up damaging their landlord's ceiling.

Theo and his friends end up getting evicted from the apartment forcing Theo to move back home, but Cliff pays the landlord a visit & offers to pay him more each month if he allows the guys to return to the apartment.