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That's Not What I Said
Season 04, Episode 06
Air Date October 29, 1987
Writer Carmen Finestra
Director Jay Sandrich
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That's Not What I Said is the sixth episode of The Cosby Show's fourth season which was first broadcast on October 29, 1987.


Theo was brought home from a police station in Coney Island by Cliff, and the boy explained to Clair that he went to the library (where he was given permission to go to by his parents) with a friend in that friend’s father’s car, and that the two boys left their things in the library and went to Coney Island to get a hot dog. Theo’s friend, Tom Lauke, just like Theo himself, had a permit and not a license, and the two boys got into trouble with the police on their way back from Coney Island for that, as well as for running a red light, trying to outrun the police, and hitting a stop sign. This got Clair so upset that when she was thinking of a punishment for Theo (who was already given a punishment the week before for cutting class), she talked to Cliff about what Theo did wrong before, leading her husband to do the same, but a more minor thing what the boy did wrong, and the couple ended up arguing with each other about one not listening to the other, forgetting about Theo in the process. Theo, however, was hoping that his parents would give him his new punishment that night so he could get it over with, as his original punishment was ending on Saturday, and he was hoping that he would go to a party at Lana’s house after that.

Cliff and Clair went to bed angry that night after they tried and failed to get each other to apologize. The next morning, Clair came up with a way for her and Cliff to resolve their argument from the previous night, but Cliff refused to cooperate. However, after telling Vanessa, Rudy, and a patient of his that he had an argument with his wife, he called Clair at her office, hoping that the couple would make up. Clair agreed to this, though she tried to keep herself professional, as she was at a meeting with a client, who knows that it was the lawyer’s husband calling her, since the client took calls from his wife at his job, as well.

Later that day, when Cliff and Clair met each other at home, they made up with each other, and they were finally able to concentrate on a punishment for Theo.