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The Card Game
Season 02, Episode 23
Air Date April 10, 1986
Writer Matt Robinson
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous Theo's Holiday
Next Off to the Races

The Card Game is the twenty-third episode of The Cosby Show's second season which was first broadcast on April 10, 1986.


Cliff's pinochle partner becomes ill and cannot play in their monthly match against Russell and his partner, Homer. So Cliff teams up with his rather stuffy former English teacher, Professor Bennington Foster (Roscoe Lee Browne), who proves to be a formidable pinochle player. Russell tries to stretch the rules to beat his son, unaware that Cliff's fine and upstanding partner has a few tricks of his own. Meanwhile, love is in the air when Theo sends away for a $19.95 genuine diamond ring for his new girlfriend, Tanya.