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The Iceman Bricketh
Season 08, Episode 07
Air Date October 31, 1991
Writer Courtney Flavin
Hugh O'Neill
Adriana Trigiani
Director Carl Lauten
Previous It's Apparent to Everyone
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The Iceman Bricketh is the seventh episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on October 31, 1991.


Russell has heard from "reliable sources" that Vanessa is engaged. Unfortunately, those sources also report that Dabnis is a 45-year-old janitor.

Alarmed, Russell and Carrie confront Cliff & Clair, who confirm the engagement and try to set the record straight on Dabnis, but the anxious grandparents are not satisfied.

On Dabnis's second visit to the home, he gets the third degree from the grandparents while Vanessa sweats it out in the kitchen. Dabnis assures them that Russell's friend always gets him confused with his older brother.

He lets them know that he loves Vanessa and has a good job as head of maintenance, but nothing he says seems to satisfy them. Vanessa constantly makes speeches about how happy she is and vows to stand by Dabnis.

After watching Dabnis help Cliff out with the household repairs, the grandparents then realize that Dabnis is a good man after all.

Suddenly, all the pressure is on Vanessa; she may actually have to set a wedding date!