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The Juicer
Season 02, Episode 02
Air Date October 3, 1985
Writer Matt Williams
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous First Day of School
Next Happy Anniversary

The Juicer is the second episode of The Cosby Show's second season which was first broadcast on October 3, 1985.


Cliff buys a new juicer and gives strict instructions to Rudy and her friend Peter not to touch it. When Vanessa gets caught up a phone call and Rudy and Peter are left alone, they proceed to the kitchen and try to make grape jelly with the new contraption, but the results are disastrous and cause Peter to flee the house and Rudy to escape upstairs. Theo and Denise find the aftermath of the mess, but Theo advises her not to clean it up, citing Rudy's need to learn responsibility, and conveys this to Cliff and Clair, who both surprisingly agree.