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The Physical
Season 05, Episode 02
Air Date October 13, 1988
Writer Carmen Finestra
Gary Kott
John Markus
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous Together Again and Again
Next Rudy's All-Nighter

The Physical is the second episode of The Cosby Show's fifth season which was first broadcast on October 13, 1988.


Cliff follows up his "lost weekend" food binge with a day of emergency fasting for his annual blood test and physical. Despite his yeoman performance on the treadmill, the results indicate that his overindulgence in hoagies, chocolate soda and strawberry cheesecake must cease. Meanwhile, Denise is not fazed in the least by her firing from the record company. She picks herself up, dusts herself off, orders a large cheese pie – and then gets hired on as a waitress in the pizza parlor!