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The Price is Wrong
Season 08, Episode 14
Air Date January 9, 1992
Writer Gordon Gartrelle
Janet Leahy
Director Malcolm-Jamal Warner
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The Price is Wrong is the fourteenth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on January 9, 1992.


Pam drives her old babysitter, Mrs. Whitaker, to the market each Saturday & Mrs. Whitaker invites her friends to join them. Soon, there are so many women on the excursion that Pam, Lance & Charmaine have to take them in shifts.

The supermarket has much lower prices and higher quality products than the outlet that the same company runs in the women's neighborhood. Word begins to spread and everyone begins clamoring for transportation to the better market.

Pam, Lance and Charmaine cannot possibly handle the demand, so they decide to organize a protest to force the company to stop its unjust practices, but realize that they cannot organize a boycott because many of their neighbors have nowhere else to buy groceries.

They finally settle on buying all the dented cans at the shoddy store & taking them to the Brooklyn store for refunds which would create chaos and drive away the regular customers. Unfortunately, the store learns of the plans ahead of time and is prepared for them.

One of the women suggests paying for everything in pennies which proves to be effective and the women decide to try it every Saturday until their demands are met.

Pam, Lance and Charmaine are reluctant to give up all of their weekends, but the women assure them that they can handle the protests on their own. The teens decide to continue helping them out.