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The Return of the Clairettes
Season 07, Episode 19
Air Date February 21, 1991
Writer Lisa Albert
Director Neema Barnette
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Next No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Return of the Clairettes is the nineteenth episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on February 21, 1991.


Rudy plans to go to the movies with three girls and three boys. But her first date is jeopardized when the other two girls cancel. Clair offers to double date with Rudy and Scott, but that means Scott must face Cliff "The Interrogator." Meanwhile, a visit from Clair's old friend Kris (Leslie Uggams) sparks an evening of songs and memories that leaves the husbands feeling left out. The boys find ample solace in the refrigerator until "The Clairettes" sashay into the kitchen and sing them the riot act.