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Theo's Final Final
Season 07, Episode 14
Air Date January 3, 1991
Writer Elaine Arata
Director Neema Barnette
Previous It's Your Move
Next Attack of the Killer B's

Theo's Final Final is the fourteenth episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on January 3, 1991.


Theo is just one good grade away from the Dean's List. Fortified with devil's-food donuts and chocolate milk, he is determined to cram for tomorrow's Economics final. That is, until he lifts his head from the book in the college café and locks eyes with the girl of his dreams. A serious Economics recession begins; Theo escorts Cheryl to a party instead of hitting the books. Yet even while close dancing, his mind wanders to current indicators and the Gross National Product. Luckily, Cheryl's a girl who can add things up; she encourages him to go home and finish studying.