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Theo's Future
Season 08, Episode 13
Air Date January 2, 1992
Writer Gordon Gartrelle (teleplay)
Janet Leahy (teleplay)
Hugh O'Neill (teleplay and story)
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous Clair's Place
Next The Price is Wrong

Theo's Future is the thirteenth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on January 2, 1992.


Theo is accepted in graduate school which thrills Cliff & Clair, who agree to continue paying for his tuition.

When Theo and his friend attend a corporation's recruiting dinner, he is given an opportunity to interview for a job in San Francisco which would pay him $30,000 a year.

Eugene (one of the kids from the community center) is upset that Theo might be leaving the community center. However, Theo insists that he is merely keeping his options open.

Meanwhile, Clair tries to stifle Cliff's habit of stealing the remote control while she is watching a program.