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Theo's Holiday
Season 02, Episode 22
Air Date April 3, 1986
Writer John Markus
Carmen Finestra
Matt Williams
Director Jay Sandrich
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Theo's Holiday is the twenty-second episode of The Cosby Show's second season which was first broadcast on April 3, 1986.


Theo has been borrowing money left and right, and has been making no effort to return it. When his parents confront him about his poor financial habits, and question how he'll manage once he's out on his own, Theo is confident that by the time he's 18, he will easily land a job as a fashion model and have a great car, apartment and plenty of spending money. So the Huxtables stage an elaborate scheme to prove to him that living on your own is not what it is cracked up to be. Theo's lesson in reality starts when the Huxtable home is converted into the Real World Apartments with Cliff as the strictly business landlord, Harley Weewax; Clair as the restaurant owner, Millie Farquar; Denise as the shrewd head of a modeling agency; Vanessa as her gum-cracking receptionist, and Rudy as the hard-nosed bank loan officer, Mrs. Griswald, and a gift of $2,000.00 of play money from his parents to help him start off.

Through their act, Theo sees that even simple one-room apartments are expensive to rent, and landlords demand not only three months of rent upfront (First and last month, plus a deposit for damages), but also references from an employer to ensure a tenant has income. Also models cannot get work without professional photos of themselves, which cost about a thousand dollars. Theo manages to secure the apartment by having Cockroach pose as his employer, but unfortunately, the lesson is not over yet, as he now only has $200.00 left, which is insufficient to furnish the apartment, get photos or turn on the electricity. And he learns that meals are expensive, and a bank loan to obtain necessary items cannot be secured without credit and collateral. Thankfully, his father temporarily breaks character to assure him that the act is only for 24 hours. When Theo finally learns his lesson, his family turns on his electricity, and brings him dinner in his 'apartment'.