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Theo's Women
Season 05, Episode 21
Air Date March 16, 1989
Writer Mark St. Germain
Director Tony Singletary
Previous It Comes and It Goes
Next Birthday Blues

Theo's Women is the twenty-first episode of The Cosby Show's fifth season which was first broadcast on March 16, 1989.


Theo was trying to have some time alone with his girlfriend, Justine, but he complained that he and Justine never had any time alone because there was always people around everywhere they went, especially Rudy, who walked in on them in the Huxtable family kitchen when they were making chocolate mousse. When Justine and Rudy saw Theo as a pain to his little sister (just like how Justine’s big brother was to her), he went to Cliff and shared his problem with him. Cliff suggested that if Theo wanted to be alone with Justine, the two should go to a subtitled foreign movie that was so bad that no one would be there to see it.

While with Justine in her dorm lounge, Theo found a Swedish movie with subtitles in a paper called The Death Sonata, but it started showing thirty minutes before, and they must wait five hours for the next showing. Then, Justine’s friend, Dolores, came by (with a cane and her leg in a cast due to her foot being broken) and offered her a waitressing job at the alumni reception, which paid $75 plus tips. Theo sacrificed his time alone with Justine to let her earn the money, and he was left alone to wait for her to return until a theater major named Jade came by, frustrated that her acting partner couldn’t rehearse because he had to work, and taking it out on a snack machine. After meeting Theo and finding out that he was not a theater major, Jade asked him to read lines with her, with her reading the lines of Joan of Arc, and him reading the lines of the third inquisitor. Jade became upset with Theo for not expressing the right feeling when he read one of his lines, and that got him frustrated and upset with her in return, which was the feeling that she was waiting for him to express when reading that line.

As Theo continued reading lines with Jade, Theo was convinced that Jade’s acting sounded so real and was so into the rehearsal with her that he kissed her and got caught doing so by Justine when she returned. Theo tried to explain to Justine that he and Jade were just rehearsing, and that the kiss wasn’t real, but knowing Theo’s history with women whenever the two were together, she became heartbroken and walked out on him.

Theo tried to call Justine when he got home, but Justine immediately hung up on him. Right after the hang-up, Vanessa came home angry. She explained to Theo that when she was on her way home from a Science Club meeting, she caught her boyfriend, Jeremy, sitting on a bench with his arm around another girl. She was also upset that the way Theo responded to this sounded as if he was defending her now-ex-boyfriend.

That night, Theo made several attempts to type a poem that he hoped would get Justine back. When Cliff came into the living room, and Theo told him what happened in the dorm lounge that day, Cliff told his son that he had to do some serious begging and sing the blues in order to get Justine back. However, when Theo returned to the dorm lounge to see Justine the next day, Justine refused to see him. Theo tried to give her the poem that he wrote for her and read it to her, and he got down on his knees and beg to her, but Justine walked out on him again. He then asked Dolores to get Justine to give him a minute alone with her to work things out, and Dolores agreed to talk to her to keep Theo from begging to her, as well. When Dolores returned, though, she told Theo that Justine said that it was over and she didn’t want to see him anymore.

The moment Dolores left the dorm lounge, Jade came by, and Theo told her that the kiss that they shared didn’t mean anything to him. Jade let Theo know that that kiss didn’t mean anything to her, either, because she was acting when she did it. Regardless, Theo called the whole thing over, and Jade took it well. So, Jade left to go to class, calling Theo “Leo” in the process.