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Theo and Cockroach
Season 02, Episode 15
Air Date January 30, 1986
Writer Thad Mumford
Director Jay Sandrich
Previous Vanessa's Bad Grade
Next The Dentist

Theo and Cockroach is the fifteenth episode of The Cosby Show's second season which was first broadcast on January 30, 1986.


With an exam on William Shakespeare's Macbeth less than two days away, Theo and his friend Cockroach scheme to pass the test without reading the play, first by listening to a record, then by attempting to see a live production, and finally by reading a series of Cleland notes. Cliff and Clair catch onto Theo and Cockroach's stunt, and warn the two that Cleland notes alone will not prepare the boys for their test as much as they think it will, quoting some subtle passages from Macbeth to prove their point.

Theo and Cockroach do manage passing grades on their test, but Clair decides to teach Theo a lesson on shortcuts, and declares Theo grounded until he reads the actual play, and then passes a test, that she'll administering on Macbeth, which will be all essay, and which Cleland notes will be of no help to him. Clair then realizes she'll have to reread Macbeth herself, because she barely remembers her own reading of it from 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, the Huxtables enjoy some new-fallen snow by having a snowball fight, and Cliff takes Rudy sleigh riding.