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Theo and the Kids: Part 1
Season 07, Episode 25
Air Date April 25, 1991
Writer Bernie Kukoff
Ehrich Van Lowe
Director John Bowab
Previous Cliff and Jake
Next Theo and the Kids: Part 2

Theo and the Kids: Part 1 is the twenty-fifth episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on April 25, 1991.


Theo begins his internship in psychology as a counselor at a local community center. His new charges test him immediately. Wise to their tricks because he used to pull them himself, Theo wins a few skirmishes, but then loses his cool. The next day, he is less concerned about his image and more interested in helping his kids. One student, Stanley, reminds him of himself when he was younger: defensive about his messy notebook, sloppy handwriting and slow reading speed. Thus, Theo begins to suspect that Stanley has a learning disability, too.