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There's Still No Joy in Mudville
Season 07, Episode 23
Air Date April 4, 1991
Writer Gordon Gartrelle
Matt Robinson
Director Carl Lauten
Previous Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue
Next Cliff and Jake

There's Still No Joy in Mudville is the twenty-third episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on April 4, 1991.


It is bowling-night-as-usual: Cliff's team loses; low bowler buys dinner; that is Cliff. During the post-game Chinese meal, Carleton and Dr. Harmon – two cricket-playing Caribbean natives – must endure a walk down baseball's memory lane led by former baseball greats (Frank Robinson and Joe Black). Revenge is sweet, though, as a late-night game in the middle of the Huxtable living room, seperates the cricketeers from the boys of summer.