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Total Control
Season 07, Episode 16
Air Date January 31, 1991
Writer Bernie Kukoff
Ehrich Van Lowe
Director Jay Sandrich
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Total Control is the sixteenth episode of The Cosby Show's seventh season which was first broadcast on January 31, 1991.


Basketball coach Ray Evans (John Ritter) and his wife Alicia (Amy Yasbeck) have devised the perfect game plan for the birth of their first child. Baby book in hand, the over-anxious couple prepares for any contingency. Their practice sessions run like clockwork. But when the first contractions begin, Ray falls apart! Worse, three hours into labor, a stressed-out Alicia turns on him – blaming Ray for "her condition." Crushed, Ray bails out. It takes a whole lot of coaching from Cliff to get him off the bench and back into the game!