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Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown
Season 08, Episode 05
Air Date October 17, 1991
Writer Walter Allen Bennett, Jr.
Director Malcolm-Jamal Warner
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Next It's Apparent to Everyone

Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown is the fifth episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on October 17, 1991.


Rudy and her friends, Susan & Danielle are determined to get into a 16-and-over club to see a birthday performance by rapper JT Freeze. They also hope to win a drawing and get to dance with him.

Rudy tries to con her parents into letting her go by claiming that they will be going to a cultural center, but Cliff & Clair learn the truth about the club from Lance, Pam and Charmaine.

They admit that it is common for junior high kids to frequent the establishment; and explain that the only real threat comes from "old heads": men in their late teens or early twenties who hit on the younger girls because they can't get women their own age.

Cliff and Clair agree to pay the teens to go to the Exchange in disguise and keep an eye on Rudy.

Lance scares away one of the "old heads" who repeatedly approaches Rudy, Susan and Danielle. Pam ends up winning the dance with JT. She introduces him to the girls, but they end up make fools of themselves.

In the end, Rudy and her friends are forced to work at a retirement home as punishment for their deception while Pam, Charmaine and Lance party with JT at his hotel.