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What He Did for Love
Season 05, Episode 24
Air Date April 27, 1989
Writer Carmen Finestra
Gary Kott
John Markus
Director Carl Lauten
Chuck Vinson
Previous A Room With No View
Next Day of the Locusts

What He Did for Love is the twenty-fourth episode of The Cosby Show's fifth season which was first broadcast on April 27, 1989.


When Theo's friend Denny finds an expensive watch on the street, Theo and the gang suggest he give it to Jade, his new high-class girlfriend, to impress her. It works like a charm until the police show up and reveal that the watch was stolen days earlier. When Jade refuses to give up this "symbol of Denny's love," the police haul her into the station for questioning. Denny is forced to admit that he found the watch and Jade dumps him so Denny, Theo and the gang find themselves dateless on Saturday night. They take refuge in the Huxtable basement, pretending to be having a good time without their women, until Cliff's rambling non-sequiturs finally drive them out into the night.