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Where's Rudy?
Season 04, Episode 10
Air Date November 19, 1987
Writer Gary Kott
Director Tony Singletary
Previous Looking Back: Part 2
Next Dance Mania

Where's Rudy? is the tenth episode of The Cosby Show's fourth season which was first broadcast on November 19, 1987.


The Huxtable family goes to the mall to cheer Clair's entry in a winter squash contest. Cliff encourages Theo, Vanessa and Rudy to support their mother's accomplishments, but they see a visit to the mall as a chance to pursue their own interests. And while they're supposed to be looking after their younger sister, Theo and Vanessa becomes distracted and Rudy is soon lost at the mall. And while Theo and Vanessa go searching for Rudy, she sees her friend, Kim, at the Sushi bar and invites her in. Later, very soon, Kim's father, Mr. Yamamoto, sees Rudy and asks if she's lost. And Rudy says she's not, though her parents are at the squash contest. So Mr. Yamamoto takes her to Cliff and Clair, who tells them that Rudy was at his Sushi Bar and that she wasn't lost, but wanted to check with them. Clair then asked Rudy where Theo and Vanessa are, and she tells her and Cliff that they basically let her wander off all over the mall, and that they had better things to do. Cliff and Clair then let her go back to the Sushi Bar with Mr. Yamamoto. Once they left, they both decided they're gonna have a word with Theo and Vanessa for letting go wandering off at the mall. And once they arrived and eventually told them their sister was fine and was at the Sushi Bar, they were relieved. But as a punishment for losing Rudy, they both had to leave the mall and wait for their parents "under" the car while the squash contest is still being continued. In the end, Clair's squash wins.