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With This Ring?
Season 08, Episode 01
Air Date September 19, 1991
Writer Adriana Trigiani
Director John Bowab
Previous Theo and the Kids: Part 2
Next There's No Place Like This Home

With This Ring? is the first episode of The Cosby Show's eighth season which was first broadcast on September 19, 1991.


After returning home from college, Vanessa stuns her parents by suddenly announcing that she has been engaged for six months and has known her fiancé for a year without mentioning him to her family. Her fiancé turns out to be a maintenance man from her school named, Dabnis Brickey who is in his late 20s.

She has been engaged for six months, and has known her fiancé for a year without mentioning him to her family. She reveals that he is a maintenance man at her school named Dabnis Brickey.

Cliff and Clair invite Dabnis to family dinner and are put off when he mentions his past relationships with several women, but the conversation becomes so uncomfortable that most of the family is ordered to leave the dining room.

Clair confronts Vanessa and demands to know why she kept her relationship with Dabnis a secret for so long and believes that Vanessa is in over her head, but Vanessa insists that she is really in love.

Cliff assures Dabnis that they are not snobs; they would dislike him regardless of his profession. He seems to reconsider his attitude after Dabnis reveals that he owns his own home (meaning that he and Vanessa would never move into the Huxtable house).